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We are in the Top 10 of the World’s most interesting metro stations

According to the information and analytical magazine "All About Construction World", two stations of the Moscow metro, designed by JSC "Mosgiprotrans" took a leading position in the TOP 10of the World’s most interesting metro stations.

Let’s recall the significant contribution of specialists of JSC "Mosgiprotrans" to the Moscow Metro architecture: "Mayakovskaya", "Novoslobodskaya", "Kropotkinskaya", "Avtozavodskaya", "Ploshchad Revolyutsii" metro stations and many other buildings associated with the name of Alexander Dushkin, master of transport architecture, creator of new forms of metro stations, three-time recipient of the USSR State Prize. Novoslobodskaya metro station has the status of the identified site of cultural heritage.

So, here’s the Top 10 of the World’s most interesting metro stations:

1. Mayakovskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia

Mayakovskaya station has received international recognition for quite a while. In 1938 its model was presented at the World Fair in New York and awarded the Grand Prize. The station looks like an underground Palace: it’s decorated in the style of "Stalin's neoclassic" but not devoid of avant-garde style elements. The station is characterized by elegance, freedom and ease of space.

Columns, longitudinal and transverse arches are covered with corrugated stainless steel, which gives the station a very modern look. Niches with lamps in the vaults of the ceiling are decorated with mosaic panels.

2. Novoslobodskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia


The entrance to Novoslobodskaya station itself is notable for its grandeur and monumentality: the ground lobby, which is a site of cultural heritage, is made in the style of ancient temples. The interior of Novoslobodskaya station is as beautiful as its exterior. Pylons faced with light marble go up to the ceiling rounding up and smoothly changing into vaults. Inside each pylon there are colored stained-glass panels illuminated from within and decorated with steel and gilded brass. The combination of colored glass forms a kind of fantastic flowers, plants, stars. At the top of each stained glass panel there is a medallion depicting scenes of peaceful life.

3. T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden


Built in the late 1950ss during the Swedish cultural boom, the Stockholm underground is an art gallery whose length exceeds more than 100 kilometers. By the way, many artists of the country became famous thanks to their works appeared in the Stockholm metro. Three stations are regularly included in different ratings of the most beautiful metro stations: T-centralen, Stadion and Radhuset. Since the metro was built in a monolithic rock, it was decided to leave the surface of the rocks open, and to use light effects and wall paintings to make each station recognizable and unique. So, they are: a bright rainbow, silhouettes of metro builders, cave twilight — all of this can be found here under the ground.

4. Avtovo Station, St. Petersburg, Russia


The underground hall was designed by architects E. A. Levinson, A. A. Grushke and engineer S. M. Epstein. The flat floor of the hall is supported by 46 columns but not all of them are round in plan: at the entrance to the station the ceiling is supported by two square columns. Of these, 30 are faced with marble, and 16 are covered with decorative plates of cast glass with reverse relief. It was the first time when glass was used as a cladding material for subway. The station is illuminated by massive chandeliers located in the center of the hall and above the station platforms. On December 15, 2011 the Council for the preservation of cultural heritage included the station in the Unified State Register of cultural heritage of regional importance.

5. Toledo metro station, Naples, Italy 


Once you are at Toledo station of the Naples City Subway, you can find yourself not in the underground but in the underwater world. Thus, the architect Oscar Tusquets recreated the essence of the seaside town. The residents and guests of Naples are impressed by this unusual platform as they have not seen such platform before. The design is made in white and blue colors, and the unique and unusual interior of the metro station gives the impression that you are inside a snow cave, from the ceiling of which water drops are flowing. The feeling of full immersion under water is created by the finishing station mosaic tiles of all shades of blue.

6. Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


You can get to this wonderful station, which is also called "Dome of Light", transferring from red line to orange line or vice versa. Bright divine mosaic made of hundreds of individual pieces of colored glass was created by the artist Narcissus Quagliata. The dome which is in 30-meter diameter and covers a total area of 660 square meters highlights the themes of the connection of the four natural elements with human life. Thus, "water" is the tree of life, "earth" is prosperity and economic growth, "light" is the creative spirit and "fire" is destruction and rebirth. In Kaohsiung there is another beautiful metro station "Central Park", which is located nearby. At the same time, the station itself is also a kind of mini-park. Its whole descent is surrounded by terraces with grass.

7. Khalid Bin al Waleed metro station, Dubai, UAE


“Youth, ultramodernity and luxury” is the motto of the country in general of the Dubai Metro in particular. New technologies are very welcome here: the subway is fully automated: there are no drivers here. However, this did not prevent to pay tribute to the traditions; thus the stations were designed in the national style. The interaction of the four main elements is the design concept of the metro stations which is infused with elements of long-term traditions and history of this state. For example, the Dubai metro station Burjuman, formerly known as Khalid Bin al Waleed, reflects the history of the city and at the same time is full of brilliance and glamour. "Water" is the name of a beautiful sculpture installed at this metro station. The art object was made in the form of a stylized waterfall which was immediately given the nickname "Giant jellyfish". It is located right under the Burjuman Mall, which makes it one of the busiest stations in the city.

8. Grand Central Terminal metro station New York, USA


This name is borne by three stations of the New York City Subway located near each other and forming an interchange hub. If you look at the ceiling of the Central Terminal of New York City included in the Guinness Book as the station with the largest number of platforms, you will be amazed by its beauty. Here 44 platforms and 67 tracks which settle down on two underground levels: 41 tracks at the top level and 26 at the bottom level. The waiting room is designed in a luxurious style with arched windows and columns, and resembles a vaulted temple. This station is one of the symbols of New York City and a tourist attraction.

9. Louvre – Rivoli Metro Station, Paris, France 


The station was opened in 1900, a little bit later than the commissioning of the first stage of the metro. The station was named “Louvre” after the street Du Louvre, located above it. However, the main entrance to the famous Louvre Museum is quite far from the station, so in 1989 it was renamed "Louvre-Rivoli". Interior of the station is decorated with copies of masterpieces of fine art stored in the treasures of the Louvre. At the end of the side platforms of the station there used to be engravings and images of ancient French castles and palaces, as well as a historical map of the Louvre Castle. Today, however, instead of the original design elements there are only information signs kept on the places of those elements. In October 2000, the entrance to the Louvre-Rivoli station was decorated in the form of a vault of Italian blown glass balls.

10. Baker Street Metro Station, London, United Kingdom


Choosing the most beautiful London underground station was not easy.

Thus, a compromise option was not so much a criterion of beauty and uniqueness but a respect for old age. Recall, the London City Subway is the oldest in the world. When it comes to the London Subway, many people remember the names of its stations: Baker Street, Tottenham Court Road or Canary Wharf. It is easy to guess what attraction is associated with Baker Street Metro Station: after just a few steps, you will see the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Also in this place is another famous Museum named after Madame Tussauds, where you can see the wax counterparts of the world celebrities.


26 июня 2019
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