Our specialists are highly qualified professionals (architects, engineers, urban planners, cadastral engineers, lawyers specializing in the field of urban planning) who perform a range of works on area planning: from the development of urban planning documentation to obtaining a building permit.

Area planning projects are developed in order to determine elements of a planning structure, boundaries of communal areas and zones of capital facilities, characteristics and sequence of proposed area development.

Demarcation projects are aimed at determining positions for formed and changing boundaries.

For this purpose the following works are performed:

1. Preparation of the area planning documentation necessary for creation of capital facilities, including establishing red lines, boundaries of communal areas and zones of the planned facilities.

2. Cooperation with the federal administrative authorities and the government authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in:

  • preparing area planning documentation;
  • harmonizing documentation;

  • conducting preparatory activities associated with withdrawal of land plots for government needs and transfer of lands from one category to another.

3. A legally correct complete record of design solutions of area planning documentation.

4. Organization and control of execution of the cadastral works regarding ground areas, capital facilities, use-restricted zones, etc.

5. Organization of public hearings (public speaking, presentations, publications).

6. Handling of appeals from land owners and lessees.