The Institute performs the whole range of design works for construction and reconstruction of railway and highway bridge crossings, road junctions, tunnels, underground structures for various purposes.

Types of designed facilities:
  1.    Large and small bridges (steel-reinforced concrete, reinforced-concrete and metal ones with both standardized and custom-made superstructures);

  2.    Viaducts and overpasses;

  3.    Pedestrian bridges;

  4.    Pipe culverts of various cross sections;

  5.    Tunnels;

  6.    Metropolitan facilities;

  7.    Underground facilities (parking areas, various underground parts of buildings);

  8.    Utility systems constructed by both open and closed methods (microtunneling, tunneling): utility, sanitary and storm sewers and utility vaults constructed by the method of microtunnelling, tunnels for laying pipes of an oil and gas complex through natural and artificial barriers, etc.

  9.    Retaining walls including for:

  • bridge approaches;
  • landslide protection;

  • facilities in the highlands;

  • embankments and bank protections.