Krasnodar Region, layout of the station 9 km

The specialists develop complex projects for construction, improvement and reconstruction of railway stations and hubs of all types:

passenger stations, coach yards, terminal yards, intermediate depots, port terminals, freight and border crossings on public and non-public rail tracks including tracks with different gauges::

• general plans of railway hubs development;

•projects of warehousing, transloading and cargo terminals for all types of freight including containerized, break-bulk, bulk, liquid, packaged and others;

•designs of the second (third and fourth) main tracks, access roads to industrial enterprises, locomotive and carriage facilities, organization of the traffic during construction works;

Our specialists carry out calculations of:

• freight traffics according to types of cargo and directions, volumes of local freight operations, volumes and structure of passenger traffic and so on;

•car traffic volume, grade separation and supervision over the operation of local stations, the volume of freight and passenger traffics;

•line carrying capacity (including required and available carrying capacity);

•diagrams of carrying capacity completion and traffic capacity augmentation.

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